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Ever Clean is a revolutionary system for the cleaning and disinfection of all types of contact lenses, especially recommended for problems of accumulation of deposits, allergies (since it does not contain preservatives) and problems relating to the handling of contact lenses, since it reduces the handling of the lenses to a minimum, reducing the occurrence of tears.
Sometimes, itching may be due to incorrect fitting of the lenses, but it may also be due to inadequate cleaning, since the accumulation of deposits on contact lenses produces irritation and itchiness. The accumulation of deposits on the lenses can by reduced with Lacrifresh Cleaning, an artificial tear that, thanks to its special formula, eliminates the deposits that form on the contact lens during the day, while at the same time helping to maintain hydration and lubrication without the need to remove your lenses.
Avizor offers Ever Clean, a cleaning product for all kinds of contact lenses that is able to prolong the wearing of lenses. Studies show that the use of Ever Clean increases lens wearing by an average of over two hours per day.
Avizor offers EverClean, a cleaning and disinfection product for all types of contact lenses which does not contain preservatives. By eliminating preservatives from the product formula, the risk of allergies is reduced, owing to which it is recommended for contact lens users with sensitive eyes.Así mismo, Avizor dispone de una solución de mantenimiento creada específicamente para ojos sensibles: Unica Sensitive. Contiene ácido hialurónico que proporciona una lubricación extra, facilitando el porte de lentes a los pacientes con ojos sensibles.
Of course. It is important to keep contact lenses as clean and hydrated as the first day, so it is essential to make the right choice of maintenance solution.
Ever Clean is a revolutionary product for cleaning all types of contact lenses, which combines the efficient disinfection of a latest generation peroxide with all the advantages of an all-in-one solution, since it is very easy to use. Furthermore, it is the only solution on the market with which there is no need to rub the lenses for deep cleaning.
It is very important to maintain correct hygiene with contact lenses, since it is an external element that comes into direct contact with the surface of the eye. Therefore, it is recommended that lenses should be cleaned at least daily.


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Artificial tears hydrate and lubricate the eyes, and this relieves the visual discomfort deriving from the prolonged use of lenses. Avizor offers an artificial tear specifically intended for problems of this type: Lacrifresh Cleaning, which increases comfort for users who wear their lenses during prolonged periods of time.
Avizor offers a full range of lubricating solutions that maintain adequate hydration and wetting for all kinds of users. Lacrifresh Comfort is the artificial tear that alleviates the discomfort caused by dry and polluted atmospheres, by spending several hours working on the computer, or when you get a sensation of itchiness and/or a foreign body in your eye.
The lubricating solutions offered by Avizor provide immediate relief and comfort. Whatever the symptoms of the user, Avizor’s artificial tears provide comfort and freshness as soon as they enter the eye.
No. The full range of artificial tears designed by Avizor to relieve all kinds of visual discomfort ensure adequate lubrication and wetting to provide the user with lasting comfort, in a totally safe and efficient manner . Continued use does not lead to any reduction with regard to the effectiveness and safety of the product, which maintains its hydrating properties during long-term use.
The best way to find out which contact lenses are best suited to an eyesight problem is to consult your eyesight specialist, and remember that just as important as the right choice of lens is the choice of solution for cleaning and maintenance.


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Contact lens solutions are handled and packaged in strictly sterile conditions, so changing the container in ambient conditions may contaminate the solution. We do not recommend it under any circumstances. We offer special formats for travelling that you can purchase from your usual optician.
Avizor has a specific 100 ml format of its all-in-one solution All Clean Soft, the ideal all-in-one solution for users of all kinds of soft lenses.
All the tears in our product range are compatible with all maintenance systems and all types of contact lenses.
Avizor offers Lacrifresh Comfort, an artificial tear specifically designed to solve mild problems of reddening and irritation of the eyes in all kinds of users, whether or not they wear contact lenses.
Older people, especially post-menopausal women, are susceptible to symptoms of dry eyes, with symptoms such as itching, redness, a sensation of grit in the eyes. Avizor offers a specific artificial tear for these cases, Lacrifresh Moisture, recommended for cases of dryness and irritation of the eyes, providing lasting comfort.
Of course, It is important to maintain contact lenses as cleaned and moistured as the first day. To do that, it is essential to make a good selection of your Contact Lens Solution.
Water is a great medium for the cultivation of microorganisms, so it is not recommendable to use contact lenses for swimming, since they can easily become contaminated. This can be avoided by using goggles that prevent water from coming into contact with the eye or by using daily contact lenses that can be thrown away after being used in water.
Anybody with healthy eyes can use contact lenses. It is just a matter of finding the combination of lenses and solutions best suited to their needs.

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What you can find

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